Why Make ?

a PODCAST asking makers the question... what inspires them and why they make?

Why Make Episode 1 : The beginning

Robb and Erik discuss just what they want the Why Make? podcast to be about and Erik has the very first Why Make? conversation with Robb about what inspires him.

A few notes about this episode… if you were wondering? here are links and attempts at explaining some of the things that you hear about in the podcast.

  • Erik and Robb are not actually twin sons from different mothers… but, they sure think they are.

  • Andy Buck is a big influence on some of the whimsical things that Robb makes… his toilet plungers and much more can be seen here andybuck.com

  • Robb talks about his brother Brian Helmkamp quite a bit… Check out Brian’s sculpture, work with Dinosaurs and music.

  • John Grew Sheridan is a maker in Northern California and his approach to and process of making has influenced Robb.

And if you heard something in the podcast you still can’t, for the life of you, figure out, please contact Erik or Robb through the Contact page and we will make up some kind of story to placate you.