Why Make ?

a PODCAST asking makers the question... what inspires them and why they make?

Why Make? ventures to Asheville, NC… kicking off the podcast!

To begin this grand adventure, creating a podcast about what inspires us and why we make, Robb and Erik return to their roots as woodworkers and visit the place it all started for them, the Fine Woodworking program at Haywood Community College in Clyde, NC. They also took the opportunity to visit the studios at Grovewood Village in nearby Asheville, NC and visit a Haywood grad and other maker friends, starting the Why Make? conversations in earnest. None of this would have been possible without the able assistance of our good friend and collaborator, Nic Beery, of Beery Media in Hillsborough, NC. While providing the audio equipment and support, Nic also documented the whole trip on video. Nic was able to make two woodworkers actually look like they are professional podcasters, a feat in of itself. Here are two short videos Nic put together of our trip. Enjoy!